Sights / Monuments of Vác
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Greek Church

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 19.
+36 30 555 7620
The Greek Church was built by the South Slavic community, which settled down in Vác in the 1790's.

Nowadays, the historic building of the Greek Church is an exhibiton hall of the Tragor Ignác Museum. The building is accessible either through the courtyard of 19 Március 15. square or through Katona Lajos street.
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The Crypt of St. Michael’s Church

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér közepe
+36 30 555 7620
The Crypt of St. Michael’s Church (in the middle of Március 15. Square)
The place where today’s Main Square of Vác is situated was already inhabited in the period of the Conquest. People living in the small settlement probably built a small church in the 11th or 12th century...
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Baptist Church of Vác

2600 Vác, Mentős köz
The first modern Baptist community was founded in 1604, in Amsterdam. In Hungary they started to found communities in the 1870’s . The denomination has now 13 million members. There is a Baptist community since the beginning of 1958. The current church was built, from the plans of the architect István Kovács, between 1999 and 2004 by the Baptist community.
The church is east-western orientated, a modern building complex and fulfils the expectations of the 20th century. The church has room for 330 people. The chapel is also a community house and is a popular location for musical events, youth meetings, and weddings. There is also a flat for the janitor inside the building.
The church can be visited all year long after a prior arrangement
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Bishop's Palace

2600 Vác, Migazzi tér 1.
The contemporary form of the main square took shape in the 18th century. Opposite the Cathedral stands the Bishop’s Castle, surrounded by prebendal buildings and ecclesiastical, educational institutes.
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2600 Vác, Argenti Döme tér
The typical example of the calvary-architecture was built in 1726 from the donations of János Schick. In the fortress-like building on the top of the hill is the Holy Grave Chapel, starting there you can see the 14 Stations of the Cross.
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2600 Vác, Konstantin tér
The Cathedral is a historic building. This bishopric church has been the fourth one since the foundation of the bishopcy.
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Cházár András EGYMI - former royal institute for hearing impaired

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 6.
The core of the building consists of two medieval houses, and received its final form after several expansions.
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Church and monastery of the Piarists

2600 Vác, Köztársaság út
The Piarists are an educational order, in 1714 they were settled in Vác by Bishop Zsigmond Kollonich. The construction of the church began in 1725 and lasted almost 20 years long.
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Evangelical Church

2600 Vác, Széchenyi u. 22.
The confessionists of Vác built their church on the former Ambulatory – in the street that connected the railway station and the main square, between 1866 and 1868. The architect, Edmund Krempe designed a romantic church with one ship and arches, which represents the evangelic spirituality.
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Hospital & Chapel of Hospitaller Brothers

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 7-9.
Hospital and Chapel of Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God
The Hospital of the Order is a u-shaped storey house. Bishop Kristóf Migazzi invited the order in 1763, to practice their profession, they received the building of the former seminary. The oldest pharmacy of the town, called 'to the Pomegranate' was stood next to the monastery and the hospital. The tower of the chapel, which belongs to the hospital, is also from the Main Square visible. The chapel has been consecrated to the honour of the Saint Charles Borromeo, it is now used by the Greek Catholics.
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