Sights / Monuments of Vác
Triumphal Arch

2600 Vác, Köztársaság út
The Triumphal Arch is a unique historic building among the Hungarian relics.

The late-Baroque, neo-Classic arch was built by Bishop Migazzi on the basis of Canevale's plan. Caneavale had studied in France and became the architect of the Viennese court. It was constructed for the reception of Maria Theresa at the boundary of "Bishop-Vác".

Maria Theresa arrived to Vác by ship on the Danube from the parliament of Bratislava. The nobility people, dressed in traditional Hungarian uniform, were waiting for the guests. The arrival of the ship was indicated by cannon shot. According to the fable, when the Queen had come to know that the Triumphal Arch was being built up within a period of 5 months, she did not dare to ride the horse carriage under it, she got off instead and went by on foot. The Triumphal Arch is 20 meters high, 12 meters wide and 4 meters thick.

There are sitting eagles with chaplet in their beaks on the sides of the monument, and you can see the pictures of members of the dynasty on enlcosed reliefs on the front panel, with inscriptive marble plats placed between them. On the side towards Kisvác you can see the busts of Maria Theresa and Emperor Ferenc; towards the city center, on the right side the picture of Ferdinand and Archduke Miksa, on the left Joseph II and Leopold II can be seen.

There are two more legends known about the Triumphal Arch. One year later after the building of the gate, on that day when Emperor Ferenc had died in Innsbruck, his medalion placed on the Triumphal Arch was hit by the lightning. It happened the same day in Vienna, that the crucifix of the altar had fallen on the head of Migazzi who was celebrating mass in St. Stephen's Church.

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