Greek Church

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 19.
+36 30 555 7620
The Greek Church was built by the South Slavic community, which settled down in Vác in the 1790's.

Nowadays, the historic building of the Greek Church is an exhibiton hall of the Tragor Ignác Museum. The building is accessible either through the courtyard of 19 Március 15. square or through Katona Lajos street.

The orthodox merchants, called Greeks in Vác, settled in the town at the beginning of the 18th century. Later they practised their religion together with immigrants from other ethnic groups e.g. Serbians. The community, after strengthening itself, started to build a new church based on a standard design common in the period. Towards the end of the 18th century the special feature of orthodox churches were built based on the ’Idealplans’ of Pilgram meaning, that there is an eastern style church hidden within the framework of baroque architecture.’

The construction of the church in Vác was already underway in 1793. It is proved by the petition of the widow of Mihaly Oberfrank complaining about damage done to her walls in the course of the construction. On 30th September Dénes Popovics, Greek Bishop from Buda, consecrated the church in person. In 1805 and 1824 major building operations were carried out on it. It is possible that the tower was finished in 1805, as from then on the accounts include a new item: the wages of the ringer.

The sacral function of the church started with the consecration in 1795 and ended in 1963 with it having been sold. Its use as a real church did not last long because of the lack of believers. Before World War II not too many services were held in the church. The building deteriorated badly by the beginning of the 60s. As the orthodox church could not afford to renovate the building, being already in life-threatening condition, they agreed to sell the unused church to the town. In 1964 the church went into the town’s possession.

The idea of turning the church into a museum came up for the first time in 1966, but the plan about a "museum district" in that area has not been realized. The church, however, was taken over by the museum, thus starting a new era in its adventurous story. Since then in the building temporary exhibitions of mainly fine arts and interdisciplinary exhibitions have been organized. The Exhibition Hall cannot be visited in the winter period, as it is usually closed from the middle of November until the middle of March depending on the weather.


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