Courtyard of the Pannonia House

2600 Vác, Köztársaság út 19.
+36 30 591 3099
Pannonia House (19 Köztársaság Street, Vác)
The Pannonia House used to operate as a lodging house, during the 19th century troupes performed in its courtyard. Nowadays the tastefully designed yard is home to works of fine and applied art.

The István Gádor Oeuvre Exhibition can only be considered as a whole if the works exhibited on the courtyard are also included. Here is where the artist’s latest works – the modernist spatial sculptures built from prefabricated industrial porcelain, accompanied by some unique wall tiles – are on display, while two further wall pieces – depicting scenarios from two of the most important Hungarian epic poems, “János Vitéz” and “Toldi” – are built in at the assembly hall of the City Hall of Vác.

Also on the courtyard of the Pannonia House one can find figurative marble compositions by Sándor Nagy, as well as playful figure compositions – entitled “Fairy Garden” and “The Tree of Life” – by the ceramics artist Andrea Vertel from Göd.

On the back wall of the courtyard a monumental secco – designed and produced by the painter Norbert Garay-Nagy and his students – can also be found to pay tribute to the historical past of the building, the former Golden Deer Inn.

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