An Artist with a Thousand Faces – Selected Works from the Gyula Hincz Oeuvre

2600 Vác, Köztársaság út 19.
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Gyula Hincz (1904-1986) was a highly acclaimed and incredibly productive figure of the 20th century modern Hungarian art.

He graduated as a painter, but he was just as much active as graphic artist, book illustrator, designer of monumental public art and mural works, sculptor, as well as teacher and director of the Hungarian Academy of Arts and Design and teacher of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

His bequest – that consists of more than 1700 pieces overall – was granted to the city of Vác in the 1980s, of which several temporary and permanent exhibitions have already been curated. The main objective of the current selection – exhibited in the gallery hall and on the corridors of the Pannonia House – is to highlight the most important stages and aspects (styles and genres) of the artist’s oeuvre. The exhibition begins with illustrations of children’s books as well as drawings and prints on the lower level of the building, and continues with oil / acrylic paintings and sculptures, statuettes created between the 1930s and the 1980s, shown in a chronological order on the upper level and in the gallery hall.

It is rather difficult to position Hincz in the history of 20th century's modern art; one of the most striking features of his oeuvre is exactly the continuous stylistic evolution, the so-called “amoeba-ism,” in which the sensibility towards abstraction, surrealism and monumentality as well as an attention to figurativity are simultaneously present.

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