Sights / Monuments of Vác
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Hospital & Chapel of Hospitaller Brothers

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 7-9.
Hospital and Chapel of Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God
The Hospital of the Order is a u-shaped storey house. Bishop Kristóf Migazzi invited the order in 1763, to practice their profession, they received the building of the former seminary. The oldest pharmacy of the town, called 'to the Pomegranate' was stood next to the monastery and the hospital. The tower of the chapel, which belongs to the hospital, is also from the Main Square visible. The chapel has been consecrated to the honour of the Saint Charles Borromeo, it is now used by the Greek Catholics.
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Karolina Chapel

2600 Vác, Gasparik utca 2.
The chapel was built in 1905 in gothical, neoroman style by Bishop Károly Csáky and named after his mother.

The chapel was designed by Károly Stalkovich and the frescoes are created by Aladár Kőrösfői-Kriesch.

The ornate altar and the colorful windows are both worth to see.
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Main Square - Március 15. square

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér - Főtér
Tha Main Square is the best known public place of the town. It has been already in the medieval times a clerical, economical and cultural centre. On the northern side of the square stood the Viennese Gate, opposite of this the Town Hall and it was bordered by the St. Michael church in the south. This way an extraordinary triangle took shape. The square is surrounded by houses, which were built on fundaments with medieval cellars.
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2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 20.
Regarding the keystone of the front door this medieval building might have been the personal property of the chapter or it was his residence. Referring a written document the house had been rebuilt in baroque style and from 1770 operated as a hotel.
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Medieval Castle

2600 Vác, Géza király tér
Géza király (King Géza) Square occupies the territory of the fortress of the Middle Ages, which is protected as a historic surrounding. The first bishop's palace stood here and was finished by Géza I, true to his promise after defeating Salamon.
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Pointed Tower

2600 Vác, Liszt Ferenc sétány 12.
The Pointed Tower is the north-most corner turret of the town wall from the Middle Age. It is part of a residential building, with cylinder-shape and cone-shaped roof. Nowdays it is a private home.
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Provost’s Palace– The Cathedral’s Treasury and the Bishopric Collection of Vác

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 4.
The former Provots’s Palace on the Main Square received its imposing appearance in the 18th century. The former canonical house was the home of Ferenc Würth of Werthenfels. He donated it in his last will, according to tradition, to the provost of Vác. On the facade is a balcony, supported by two Ionic pillars with an open baroque tympanum, decorated with statues of John of Nepomuk and two lying putti.
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Reformed Church of Downtown

2600 Vác, Dr. Csányi László körút
The people, who visit Vác from the direction of Budapest, are welcomed with the facade and the snow-white bell-tower of the new Reformed Church.
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Seven Chapels

2600 Vác, Liget
The building complex of the Seven Chapels has been a place of pilgrimage since 1815, where thousands gather to worship the Virgin Mary every year.
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Soldier’s memorial

2600 Vác, Liget (2-es számú főút)
The Soldier's Memorial was erected in 1868 as the first monument which commemorates the victims of the Revolution and war of 1848-49.

The memorial was bulid from public donations and by the plans of Ferenc Krenedits.

On 15th March each year there is a celebration with poems, speeches and marching of Hungarian soldiers to remember the events and it's heroes.
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